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Intuitive Adviser | MEDIUM | Mentor | Spiritual Guide | Since 1998

Divine Guidance with Kaira 800-216-0783

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 Kaira Sherman has read for thousands, world-wide from all walks of life since 1998


Get an experienced and accurate psychic reading. With almost 20 years experience as an Psychic, Intuitive Adviser, and Spiritual Mentor, you get Readings with Wisdom.  Kaira is best known for her ability to bring clarity to any situation.  Get the Insights, Answers, and Direction you seek!

Kaira can also reveal hidden patterns at the core. She has the ability to see you at the soul level and then helps you to align with your true self.  Gain the clarity you need for decisions, questions, inquiries in your life, then go one step beyond that to actually live out your goals and dreams! Kaira’s programs invite you to live a more conscious life, allowing for your Authentic Self to emerge by helping you navigate the road ahead.

 Regardless of your outer life situation, whether it’s difficult relationships, work environment, finances, or a multitude of other issues, Kaira can help you move forward, while creating profound and lasting change in your life.


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Please make a payment for your reading, then call us to schedule in.  Thank you.

Private Sessions in person or by phone

45 minutes $225.00 in person or by phone


Embody the Divine Feminine Within


Cultivate and embody the sacred feminine and goddess energies within.

13 Moons – local and distance learning (13 meetings, 30 minutes each)





cups13Learn to read the Tarot (8 live recorded classes)

Tarot Teleconference 8 Recorded Calls (mp3 download)



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