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The Sedona Method Emotional Freedom Technique ~ What is Your E.Q.?

The Sedona Method Emotional Freedom Technique ~ What is Your E.Q.?

“If you always do, what you’ve always done, you’ll always

get what you’ve always gotten.”



There is an intrinsic, bright light within you.  This light begins to get dimmed over when you hold onto unwanted emotions.  The Sedona Method Emotional Freedom Technique is  one of the most powerful tools to help open the gateways to return to this bright light.

By returning to your natural state through a special emotional freedom technique, you can access your intuitive, higher self quickly and easily!

In order for you to take charge of your life, you must first return to your authentic state by releasing unwanted emotions. “Releasing” is the key to The Sedona Method Practice,  and as the founder, Lester Levenson, of The Sedona Method used to say, “Get everything you want by releasing.”

Now is the time to free yourself of these old patterns and Open Up to Emotional Intelligence, by simply saying “Yes” to something bigger and better. This is where miracles happen! What is Your E.Q.?  

Kaira444Kaira is teacher trained by the founders of a proven Emotional Freedom Technique, The Sedona Method, that will help you to let go of unwanted emotions and negative patterns.  There’s no tapping, just a simple series of questions that are asked, allowing the answers to just come forth naturally. Not only will this technique increase your own intuition, but will make room in your life for greater awareness, joy, and abundance!

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