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Satsang Meetings

What is Satsang?

 Satsang is an ancient Sanskrit word which translates to truth spoken within a community.  (Sat) means your natural state, or true state of being and (Sangha) means your community. When a community of people come together to talk about their natural state or true being-ness, it is Satsang.
Non Dual Awareness is our natural state until we learn concepts, labels, and forms.  When we fall back into remembering our content-less, formless, state of being, our natural-ness comes shining through.  This is unlike traditional learning in that it is an unlearning of all that was not true.  A simple, yet profound invitation calls us to break free from the monotonous thoughts and trance of the mind, which allows us to experience our natural state of being and be truly free from Samsara, (suffering).
When we turn awareness back onto itself, onto what is always here, what has always existed before you were born and after you die, then the truth of your being is revealed.  The ever unchanging backdrop unto which all life, death, form, and space exist, to all that is and ever will be.   Satsang reveals that we are That, which we’ve been seeking.




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Kaira with Adyashanti

San Jose, CA  1999

 I wanted to pay a gesture of reverence to a man who changed my life. My primary teacher in this lifetime,  Adyshanti. Meeting him was the greatest gift of my life and is clearly what opened up my intuition to a whole new level.

I first met Adya in a private home in Berkeley, California.  There were around 15 people gathered in the living room for a local Satsang meeting of his.  I had no idea what to expect from this meeting, and little did I know at the time the enormous impact it would have on my life.

I was working as an intuitive reader when I met Adya. I had studied with many spiritual teachers both before an   after Adya, but it was during a 6 year, intense study period with him that the strongest awakenings moved in.  I  was able to see the patterns hidden underneath our stories, were the lynch pin that held situations in place.  By seeing to this core level, I was able to get to the root of the all problems.  Something bigger began to happen…..a Gateway to the Infinite opened up… could say, and I’ve never looked back since.

There is a beautiful invitation waiting for us right within the heart of our own story.  When the Grace of yourself recognizes itself, within itself, it always returns for itself.

Awaken to and Return to the Living Presence Within You

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