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KAIRA SHERMAN - Spiritual Advisor | Medium |Mentor | Avalonian Priestess Training

My Story

When I was just 4 years old traveling through Spain with my family, my maternal grandfather crossed over unexpectedly. Just hours later, his spirit came to me telling me that he had survived death and that he was in the Light.  It was from this point on in my life that I knew I was different and that I had remembered something most other people had forgotten.

My mother told me that from 3 years old on, I only wanted to dress up as a Witch for Halloween. I suppose this should have come as no surprise being that I was born into longtime lineage herbalists and intuitive women stemming back centuries ago to Germanic/Italian roots.

I had a pretty normal teenage life, except for the fact that I would often know events before they occurred.  I also knew things about people’s personal lives that no one ever told me.

As a young adult working my way through school, I started my own business called, “Blushing Brides”, where I performed make-up artistry for brides and bridesmaids at weddings. I started seeing flickers of light, Faeries and Angels around the women I applied make-up to.  My clients started calling me the Faerie make-up artist, (the lady who looked like a Faerie) who could read their lives.

My business life was going well, but my personal life was not.  I had married a man who I later found out was cheating with a married woman.  I had a 2 year old daughter at the time.  One day, while at home, I felt a strong urge to go into the master bedroom closet.  Lo and behold, I found a bunch of love letters written to another woman.  My heart sank. I scooped my daughter up and rushed out to a friend’s house.  No later than 24 hours I met with an attorney and got a divorce.  What had seemed like the worst ending actually became the brightest new beginning. Spirit was helping me get away from harm.

On my 27th birthday, while out with a group of friends, I met a wonderful man named Ken.  We began dating and the relationship went forward pretty quickly.  He was a therapist who specialized in healing tools for transformation. He introduced me to a device called, “The Biocircuit” where I saw my third eye, and whereas something more profound opened and awakened in me and my abilities. I began offering professional readings, called, “Divine Guidance with Kaira”.  The name was given to me by the Angels.

Ken and I married a year after we met and had two children together. We zig-zagged the country several times moving back and forth from East coast to West, dedicating our lives to study under several spiritual teachers, one of whom was a zen master focussed on non-dual teachings, Adyashanti.  Though Adya never spoke much about anything psychic, he was incredibly psychic himself.  I came to love this teacher who would often refer to God as “She” or “Her”. From sitting in intense study with Adya and other master teachers for over 20 years, I have been guided to a new way of combining psychic readings with spiritual awakening.  This provides all of the clarity of a psychic reading, but then goes the next step to identify the hidden gift of the situation.  Removing blocks, old habit patterns, and getting to the core of the situation, reveals the underlying spiritual reason the situation is happening to begin with.  This is vitally important to my clients who will tell you how their lives have changed since their Divine Guidance session programs.

One of my greatest joys in this life is my work, or, what call, playtime.  It continues to evolve, as do my amazing clients.  I am employed by Spirit, your guides and deceased loved ones, and for that,  I am eternally grateful.