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KAIRA SHERMAN - Spiritual Advisor | Medium |Mentor | Avalonian Priestess Training

Invest in You!

Invest in You!

The Greatest Investment is in You!

Making an investment in yourself lasts for a lifetime, and you get to take it with you when you cross over ~

Kaira is able to see you and your life’s purpose at the Soul level.  Important information about your life contract comes streaming through during your first session.  The best way to integrate this information is through follow up sessions that help you process and assimilate the downloads that are coming from spirit.  Anchoring this information into your physical body/mind is imperative in navigating which direction is in your highest and best good.  Regardless of the situation that you find yourself in, whether it’s a difficult relationship, work situation, financial questions, life purpose, or a multitude of other issues, Kaira can see at a deep intuitive level, what old patterns are running at the core of these issue/s, and then free them.  The spiritual lesson hidden underneath these issues holds the keys to unlock the greatest gifts you have and the map to your best future.

Connect with your Soul ~ Remember Your Sacred Contract

After almost 20 years of doing soul consultations, Kaira saw patterns in her clients that were holding them back from being able to achieve what they wanted.  Over the course of a year they would come in many times to see why the same problem would come up again, in the same or different form, and still needed to be transformed and 449833847_a925f8fa6bhealed.  The information that came through from Spirit during their very first session, required time to integrate, as well as guidance each step of the way to ensure that the intuitive process of downloading the information was grounded and anchored.

In order to take the next step, it is necessary to go deeper so that you can tie together the threads of information and act upon them.  Multiple sessions are discounted, and they provide you the time necessary to digest and integrate the downloads you receive for proper assimilation and results that last a lifetime.

The Divine Guidance you receive during sessions with Kaira creates a portal opening for realizations and great shifts to occur within you. This puts you on the fast track to awakening and living out your Divine Purpose.  Connect directly with your soul to remember what your sacred contract is here on Earth.

Accurate, professional, compassionate guidance all within a spiritual setting.  In person or phone sessions available.

Choose the Program that fits you Best

Harvest Specials:

Single Private Session Fall Special (1hr.) $165.00 (please click button to pay on right side of page) If on phone app, please call us to make your payment. 800-216-0783

Single Private Session Fall Special (30 minutes) $135.00 (please click button to pay on right side of page) If on phone app, please call us to make your payment. 800-216-0783

“Intuition Embodied Mentor Program” – 9 Private Sessions Investment of $1149.00 or 5 payments of $259 {All nine sessions are a 1 hour each, used over a 9-month period} 

This series offers the best opportunity to invest in yourself and your future for a full year with Kaira. If you are really serious about transforming your life in LARGE ways, this is the route to go!

This is the best option for one Full Year for you to completely embody and anchor your gifts, sacred work, and amp up your intuition to maximum potential.

After your initial session, you will have a full year of tuning up your own psychic abilities, as well as having personal guidance on how to fully assimilate the downloads that will be given to you during your 9-month integration time.


“Emergence Program” – 6 Private Sessions Investment of $797.00 or 3 payments of $259 First two sessions 1 hour. Four follow up sessions {45 minutes each}; to be used in a 6-month period.
The 6 Session series is the most popular choice for clients, in that it provides a clear path on how to anchor and implement the information, step by step, that comes through for you from spirit.

  • This option gives us a 6 month platform to integrate and assimilate psychic downloads you need to begin the embodiment process, as well as lay out long term goals for your sacred work.
  • Go deeper and further onto your path
  • Allows you 6 months to process and assimilate the information to ensure for more embodiment
  • Core Issues Identified and Reprogrammed
  • Transmutation of all out of alignment energy
  • Cultivating Discernment
  • Healing at the heart of an issue


“Deeper Introspection Series” – 3 Private Sessions Investment is $429.00 First session 1 hour. Two additional follow up sessions 45 minutes each, To be used within a 3 month period.

  • This option gives us a 3 month period to identify your gifts and Divine Purpose, as we help initiate the process of aligning you with your path and the beginning stages of your sacred work.
  • The roots and foundation of your goals are planted here
  • Purpose ignited with initial action steps to take
  • Clearing the way for your intention.


Please feel free to call us with any questions you may have and to reserve your appointment time. Thank you.

+1 (800) 216-0783