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KAIRA SHERMAN - Spiritual Advisor | Medium |Mentor | Avalonian Priestess Training

Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing, Reiki, and the Elements

Healing energies are within Mother Earth.  The Crystals and Gemstones have specific healing frequencies that can be magnified and transmitted to a person or place anywhere in the world.  Crystal grids work with the principals of sacred geometry and the magnetic powers of the earth.  Each gemstone has properties that address certain areas in our body and in our life.  When we are suffer from imbalance of any kind, we can realign and restore our natural state of wellness through the informational and energetic medicine of crystals.

Reiki Healing works with the powerful forces of life energy and carries a powerful current to people and places for optimal well being.  Reiki is gentle yet very effective and combined with gemstones makes a perfect partnership in Crystal Grid 2manifesting heath, wealth, and other specific intentions.

Air, Fire, Water, and Earth are the Elements that govern our planet and all life here.  People respond to the effects of the elements just like the trees, plants, animals, and wild life do.  The wind, the heat, moisture, and dirt, are examples of the environmental Elements, but we too, display examples of the Elements in our everyday life through our thoughts (air), our actions (fire), our feelings (water), and our manifestations (earth).

A Crystal Grid grounds and directs the energy to support Reiki Healing and works in harmony with the four Elements to restore the natural balance and well being in anyone, anywhere! This includes animals, places, and things.  Even our ideas and intentions can be magnified and brought to reality through the powerful combination of Crystal Grids, Reiki Healing, and the Elements.



Distance Grids 

AirAir Grid – This Crystal grid is especially designed for people who get depleted easily or who feel scattered.  The Air Grid helps to promote clearer communication, enhanced cognition, connection to Spirit, and a sense of calm.  Air Grid $125





FireFire Grid –  The Crystal grid is designed to assist in creativity and action.  The Fire Grid will encourage movement, exercise, getting in touch with your creative side, and inspiration, without burnout.  Fire Grid $125






WaterWater Grid –  This Crystal grid is the best choice for enhanced intuition and psychic tune-ups.  The Water Grid will clear and awaken the third eye chakra as well as help you go-with-the-flow in life.  This grid is my personal favorite as it attunes you with your dreams and inner visions, while helping you meditate more deeply as well as maintain detachment to outcomes.  Water Grid $125




EarthEarth Grid –  This Crystal grid is the most popular one.  The Earth Grid will bring you the prosperity and abundance you seek.  I keep an Earth Grid on my money altar and boy does it work!  This is my specialty grid and truly a gift to anyone I have set one up for.  It seems to work like Magic.  Earth Grid $125




*Please make your selection and click on the link to secure your payment.  We will email you once we receive your order to gather the names and information for your Crystal Grid.  If you have any questions, please call us at 800-216-0783.  Thank you.