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KAIRA SHERMAN - Spiritual Advisor | Medium |Mentor | Avalonian Priestess Training



Dubbed the psychic’s psychic, and healer’s healer,

You are being guided by Spirit to take the next steps in your evolution! With over 21 years of experience as an Oracle, Spiritual Adviser, and Spiritual Guide, Kaira will help you take the next steps on your spiritual journey.  She is best known for being the psychic’s psychic, or healer’s healer.  She can see you at the soul level and knows your archetypal abilities that you bring into this lifetime.  Be the person you were born to be!

 Kaira Profile for WebsiteThe Intuitive and Spiritual Guidance you receive during your sessions with Kaira not only provide clarity and direction for your current challenges, but create openings for big shifts to occur within you. This puts you on the fast track to fulfilling your mission here on Earth.  Are you a Lightworker?  Do you have intuitive abilities that you’d like to tap into?

Discover and uncover your true self and

For the best results, it is highly recommended that you give yourself time to integrate the information between sessions.   Receive professional, compassionate, spiritual guidance,  all within a comfortable setting.




What others are saying:

“Working with Kaira is like what I imagine ancient people found in the sacred cave of the Oracle of Delphi. Kaira is a clear and caring channel of your highest self with a mysterious edge that is touching, and made me feel that there are unseen, but very real aspects of life, if we open our heart and mind to access it. Kaira shares that her profound intuitive abilities as well as pragmatic and holistic approach to implementing your current situation with your Awakened Self. It’s one thing to hear the voice of an angel whisper in your ear and another to find the steps to manifesting that in life! I highly recommend her as both an intuitive and coach. Don’t hesitate to book a session, you will not regret it.” – Trish Ritchie, PhDc

“Kaira really is Divine Guidance.” Experiencing her is like having an intimate conversation with your Soul and all your Soul’s companions. I’m truly grateful for the guidance, direction, clarity, and ease of mind I’ve experienced through my sessions with Kaira. She has truly been a catalyst for some giant leaps of faith and her readings have been incredibly spot on!” – Stephanie T. Esq. New York, NY

“Over the past few years I have had the joy of working with Kaira in a variety of ways. I have taken her Tarot card classes, and have had multiple private sessions with her regarding my personal life and my business. I have also taken personal training programs with Kaira to help develop my own intuition and awakening. Working with Kaira has been such a gift as she is genuine, compassionate, and a patient, knowledgeable, gifted spiritual teacher. She has helped me step forward on my personal mission in life with inner strength and self empowerment. I highly recommend working with Kaira to anyone who is looking for training to develop self awareness, intuition, or ready to dive into a higher level of self actualization and empowerment!” – Sarah-Anne Bend, Oregon

“I find Kaira to be very authentic. Her intuitive messages have been so “right on.”  Kaira isn’t pushy, she does not offer “advice” or try to persuade you in any way, she just gives you the information as she gets it. I believe Kaira to be a very spiritual being who has worked very hard to hone her abilities, and I have a tremendous amount of respect and gratitude for her. She is a loving, caring soul, and you can clearly see she is on a mission of helping folks onto their path, whatever that may be. I just love her tarot card classes as well!” – Heidi Ross Bend, Oregon
“I felt so much better after my Divine Guidance reading with Kaira! She knew what I was going before saying a word. Kaira relayed important messages to me that no one could have ever known. Kaira has a gentle, yet powerful way of transforming people. I would highly recommend Kaira to anyone who looking for guidance, direction, clarity, and an accurate intuitive. She is amazing!” – Erika Schaeffer CMFT Ann Arbor, Michigan
“I have been working with Kaira for over a year. Her guidance and ability to see my situation has allowed me to walk my path with more assurance and confidence. She brings a loving and open heart to her work that I have not found in anyone else. She comes from a place of love and light that allows me to feel safe and relaxed when working with her, and allows me to reach for a deeper understanding of my own situation, knowing there is no judgment, but only an interest in seeing what is best for me. I recommend her to anyone who is seeking more clarity, or who wants more joy in their life, or who seeks answers to life’s greatest challenges. She has been such an inspiration and a joy to work with!” – Dave Winters – San Rafael, CA

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