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KAIRA SHERMAN - Spiritual Advisor | Medium |Mentor | Avalonian Priestess Training


“Working with Kaira is like what I imagine ancient people found in the sacred cave of the Oracle of Delphi. Kaira is a clear and caring channel of your highest self with a mysterious edge that is touching, and made me feel that there are unseen, but very real aspects of life, that if we open our heart we have access to. Kaira shares that access her profound psychic abilities as well as pragmatic and holistic approach to implementation. It’s one thing to hear the voice of an angel whisper in your ear and another to find the steps to manifesting that in life! I highly recommend her as both an intuitive and coach. Don’t hesitate to book a session, you will not regret it.” – Trish Ritchie, PhDc

"I believe Kaira to be a very spiritual being who has worked very hard to hone her abilities.." - Heidi Ross Bend, Oregon

"Her guidance and ability to see my situation has allowed me to walk my path with more assurance and confidence.." - Dave Winters – San Rafael, CA

Meet Kaira

Kaira has offered Divine Guidance to thousands since 1998. She can help you too!


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    Kaira really is Divine Guidance.” Experiencing her is like having an intimate conversation with your Soul and all your Soul’s companions. I’m truly grateful for the guidance, direction, clarity, and ease of mind I’ve experienced through my sessions with Kaira. She has truly been a catalyst for some giant leaps of faith and her readings have been incredibly spot on!” – Stephanie T. Esq. New York, NY

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    Private Oracle Sessions with Kaira

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     Logo for WebsiteKnown as the Psychic’s Psychic, and the Healer’s Healer

    Watch Kaira on KBNZ News  

    Dubbed the psychic’s psychic and the healer’s healer

    Private Sessions with Kaira will help you easily step to the next level on your Spiritual Path

    You are being guided by Spirit to take the next steps in your evolution! With over 21 years of experience as an Oracle, Spiritual Adviser, and Spiritual Guide, Kaira will help you take the next steps on your spiritual journey.  She is best known for being the psychic’s psychic, or healer’s healer.  She can see you at the soul level and knows your archetypal abilities that you bring into this lifetime.  Be the person you were born to be!

     Kaira Profile for WebsiteThe Intuitive and Spiritual Guidance you receive during your sessions with Kaira not only provide clarity and direction for your current challenges, but create openings for big shifts to occur within you. This puts you on the fast track to fulfilling your mission here on Earth.  Are you a Lightworker?  Do you have intuitive abilities that you’d like to tap into?

    Discover and uncover your true self and

    For the best results, it is highly recommended that you give yourself time to integrate the information between sessions.   Receive professional, compassionate, spiritual guidance,  all within a comfortable setting.


    Watch Kaira on KBNZ News  

    Private Sessions 

    Please pay for your session online and then set your appointment time below.  Thank you.

    1 Private Oracle Session 60 minutes/ Zoom or by Phone $235.


      • MP3 recording of session emailed to you
      • 2 follow up emails to be used within a month
      • 25% discount on all other services online or in person courses/workshops


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    Multi Sessions for Guidance and Mentoring will be listed here soon.   Thank you for your patience.


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    goddessEmbody Your Divine Feminine Power

    Open up the wellspring of powers of you carry in your womb center.   Awaken your inner Goddess to the ancient knowing you carry within you.

    Embodiment of your Sacred Feminine sessions will introduce you to an aspect of yourself that has been buried long ago.  When the time is ripe, your inner wise-woman begins to call you…..maybe through a whisper or gentle nudge… take the journey home to the Goddess.

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    8 Spirals

    2 Private Priestess Mentoring Sessions per month for 6 months                                                                                             Full Moon Meetings online with private group once a month for 6 months




    cups13Learn to read the Tarot (8 live recorded classes)

    Tarot Teleclass (mp3 download)




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