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“Working with Kaira is like what I imagine ancient people found in the sacred cave of the Oracle of Delphi. Kaira is a clear and caring channel of your highest self with a mysterious edge that is touching, and made me feel that there are unseen, but very real aspects of life, that if we open our heart we have access to. Kaira shares that access her profound psychic abilities as well as pragmatic and holistic approach to implementation. It’s one thing to hear the voice of an angel whisper in your ear and another to find the steps to manifesting that in life! I highly recommend her as both an intuitive and coach. Don’t hesitate to book a session, you will not regret it.” – Trish Ritchie, PhDc

"I believe Kaira to be a very spiritual being who has worked very hard to hone her abilities.." - Heidi Ross Bend, Oregon

"Her guidance and ability to see my situation has allowed me to walk my path with more assurance and confidence.." - Dave Winters – San Rafael, CA

Meet Kaira

Kaira has offered Divine Guidance to thousands since 1998. She can help you too!


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    Kaira really is Divine Guidance.” Experiencing her is like having an intimate conversation with your Soul and all your Soul’s companions. I’m truly grateful for the guidance, direction, clarity, and ease of mind I’ve experienced through my sessions with Kaira. She has truly been a catalyst for some giant leaps of faith and her readings have been incredibly spot on!” – Stephanie T. Esq. New York, NY

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     Kaira Sherman has read for thousands, world-wide from all walks of life since 1998.


    Get an experienced and accurate psychic reading. With almost 20 years experience as an Psychic, Intuitive Adviser, and Spiritual Mentor, you get Readings with Wisdom.  Kaira is best known for her ability to bring clarity to any situation.  Get the Insights, Answers, and Direction you seek!

    Kaira can also reveal hidden patterns at the core. She has the ability to see you at the soul level and then helps you to align with your true self.  Gain the clarity you need for decisions, questions, inquiries in your life, then go one step beyond that to actually live out your goals and dreams! Kaira’s programs invite you to live a more conscious life, allowing for your Authentic Self to emerge by helping you navigate the road ahead.

     Regardless of your outer life situation, whether it’s difficult relationships, work environment, finances, or a multitude of other issues, Kaira can help you move forward, while creating profound and lasting change in your life.

    Session Programs

    “Opening the Gateway”  1 Private Session (30 minutes) by phone


    “Insight, Answers, and Direction” 3  Private Sessions (30 minutes each)    By phone 


    The 3 Session series is a great value to get the Insight, Answers, and Direction you seek.  A lot comes up in the first reading.  Your second and third readings/sessions provide further guidance to navigate your way to bring your goals to fruition. 

    • Buy 3 Readings with Kaira and save more
    • This option gives us a 3 month period to have 3 readings and a deeper look into your current situations for resolution and introduces you to your True Self 
    • Learn how to tap in to activate your intuition and awaken more peace into your life, no matter what your situation is

    {To be used within a 3 month period}

    Transformational Series Programs

    “Saying Goodbye to Old Stories ” – 6 Private Sessions (30 minutes each)     by phone 


    This series is a 6 month commitment to provide time to heal from difficult or painful situations, while allowing yourself to room to establish a clear embodiment of Intuitive mindful presence. The 6 and 9 Series Programs are deeply transformational. 

    • 6 readings with Kaira.
    • 6 month platform allows you to go the next step by not only identifying the roots of your story, but pulling them up and out 
    • Core Issues identified and transmuted
    • Cultivating Discernment
    • Healing of the Heart
    • Carving out Pathways and Building a Bridge to your Divine Self 

    {To be used in a 6 month period}

    ” Full Program to Intuitive and Enlightened Living”  9 Private Sessions (30 minutes each) by phone


    • 9 Readings with Kaira for a Year Long Immersion
    • 9  Sessions will help you to fully anchor and  align with your Intuitive Divine Self
    • This is the best option for devoting yourself to a sincere practice that will transform you to the very core
    • Pinpoint where old “spiritual patterns” hide out and liberate yourself from limiting belief systems
    • Discover your infinite self through the full program of the Enlightenment Process
    • Free admission to all  Meditations and Satsangs held by Kaira both local and distance

    {To be used within a 12-month period} 

    *All Private Sessions and Readings are non-refundable and must be used within the time frame specified.  Please see Policies page:


    You can also find me here:
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    Mount Shasta Women’s Retreat

    What if you could go back in time to visit the Oracle of Delphi and get the answers you seek?  Sitting for a reading with Kaira is like this, in that you are entering into a safe and spiritual environment with someone you can trust.  Kaira is known for her compassionate, yet straight forward approach, as well as pin-point accuracy. She has a unique way of helping you create your best possible future. The Law of Free Will says that you create your own future.  However, the patterns you have set in place could be preventing you from getting what you want in life.  Prevent costly mistakes by having a glimpse into your future today.  You will leave clear and confident. Get the experience you deserve in your readings with Kaira.

    Sacred Temple Retreats page

    Sacred Temple Retreats with Kaira

               Divine Guidance of the Heart

            Mount Shasta, CA May 2017

    • Learn how to discern between true and false intuitive guidance
    • Find your sacred center, connect with your ancient power
    • Sit inside the healing/prayer/wishing pyramid on Mount Shasta
    • Journey in Drum Ceremony to meet your Spirit Allies with an experienced Shaman who lives in Shasta
    • Attend Annual Wesak Festival downtown Mount Shasta

    When: Wednesday, May 10th 3pm – Saturday, May 13th 11am

    Where: Retreat Center at base of Mount Shasta Mountain

    Includes: Lodging, all meals, visit to shamanic drumming ceremony, visit to pyramid, full course workshop and more

     Kaira Sherman owner of Divine Guidance with Kaira, has offered Intuitive and Spiritual Guidance to thousands across the world and has facilitated women’s empowerment circles since 1998.

    Registration: 800-216-0783  Website: Kaira

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