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"I believe Kaira to be a very spiritual being who has worked very hard to hone her abilities.." - Heidi Ross Bend, Oregon

"Her guidance and ability to see my situation has allowed me to walk my path with more assurance and confidence.." - Dave Winters – San Rafael, CA

Meet Kaira

Kaira has read for thousands of people since 1998. She can help you too!


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    Autumn Equinox, Patience & Gratitude

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    Divine Guidance Weekly ~ Sept. 22nd 2016
    Merry Autumn Equinox!
    Weekly Message ~ Patience & Gratitude
    Today Mercury turns direct and we officially fall into Fall.
    What lessons have been presented to you over the past few weeks? Mine have been around patience and watching how my impatient Gemini tendencies can override my wisdom or better knowing.

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    Earth Mother at Harvest Time

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    The Earth Mother, pregnant with the God, walks the fields of grain carrying her cornucopia overflowing with the fruits of harvest.  She represents the fullness of nature, robust, healthy, and abundant.  She can indicate a pregnancy or conception, but also growth, development, and matters coming to fruition or potentials in the process of becoming manifested.

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    Speak Your Truth ~ Ace of Swords

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    The Ace of Swords in the Tarot represents the element of air and communications.  The Ace is considered a gift from the Divine, passed down to you to hold and uphold the truth with.  In many cases when we see the Ace of Swords pop up in a reading, it can indicate a new idea, contracts, and most of all honest, open communication.  In order for us to be honest with others, we first need to be honest with our self.

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