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“Working with Kaira is like what I imagine ancient people found in the sacred cave of the Oracle of Delphi. Kaira is a clear and caring channel of your highest self with a mysterious edge that is touching, and made me feel that there are unseen, but very real aspects of life, that if we open our heart we have access to. Kaira shares that access her profound psychic abilities as well as pragmatic and holistic approach to implementation. It’s one thing to hear the voice of an angel whisper in your ear and another to find the steps to manifesting that in life! I highly recommend her as both an intuitive and coach. Don’t hesitate to book a session, you will not regret it.” – Trish Ritchie, PhDc

"I believe Kaira to be a very spiritual being who has worked very hard to hone her abilities.." - Heidi Ross Bend, Oregon

"Her guidance and ability to see my situation has allowed me to walk my path with more assurance and confidence.." - Dave Winters – San Rafael, CA

Meet Kaira

Kaira has offered Divine Guidance to thousands since 1998. She can help you too!


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    Kaira really is Divine Guidance.” Experiencing her is like having an intimate conversation with your Soul and all your Soul’s companions. I’m truly grateful for the guidance, direction, clarity, and ease of mind I’ve experienced through my sessions with Kaira. She has truly been a catalyst for some giant leaps of faith and her readings have been incredibly spot on!” – Stephanie T. Esq. New York, NY

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    Divine Guidance Weekly

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    Kaira Sherman has offered Divine Guidance for thousands of people since 1998. Her intuitive readings combine intuition with spiritual awakening.

    Kaira is a clear channel who has the ability to see you at a soul level.  She has read for thousands, world-wide, from all walks of life and is best known for her ability to bring clarity to any situation, and then lead her clients to freedom.

    Kaira delivers powerful insight, answers, and direction to life’s issues, as well as reveal the spiritual underpinnings within your situation. Her extensive knowledge of the Tarot and years of experience will awaken the real you!

    Divine Guidance Weekly

    Having just arrived home from traveling across the country during the recent election, I got the chance to witness many people from all over, suffering and frightened for their future.  This is a time of great upheaval and uncertain security for our country, and for the world.  The changes we are experiencing as a society are difficult ones, and require us to strengthen our core connection to our eternal state of inner peace.

    On my drive home to Bend from Portland Airport I saw beautiful landscapes and mountains that spoke to me.  I saw that the Land has seen great changes come and go, and it remains the same.  This same principal applies to all of us and the remembrance of our naturalness, our true state of being.

    It is also important that we do not cut off from our feelings and that we take action where we can, and in ways we feel are appropriate.  We are all activists for something, and we will do whatever is needed to uphold the principals and standards we feel necessary for life on Earth.  However, there is a care taking of our inner landscape that needs to happen first.

    This week in Tarot Class, we are working with The Death Card, the election, and how it relates to Satsang, our true nature.  We’re looking at purging the extreme range of emotions we are experiencing and learning how to move forward together as a community and individually for our greatest freedom.

    Be sure to take time this week to discover within yourself what is ready to go and how you plan on moving forward in your own life and supporting others and life on Mother Earth.

    Watching the waves of life roll in and out, together we will navigate this vast Ocean of uncertainty.

    Blessings of Peace,


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    Riding the Waves ~ Relax ~ Surrender

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    KairaatCampShermanOct. 3rd 2016

    Just having returned from a weekend in Mount Shasta with 8 incredibly powerful, intuitive-healer women, I feel so much gratitude as I return home to open up to more Divine Guidance. While in Mount Shasta, I picked up a sweet little round Divination deck called, Dolphin Divination Cards by Nancy Clemens.

    Message for the week – Riding the Waves ~ Relax ~ Surrender

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    Autumn Equinox, Patience & Gratitude

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    Divine Guidance Weekly ~ Sept. 22nd 2016
    Merry Autumn Equinox!
    Weekly Message ~ Patience & Gratitude
    Today Mercury turns direct and we officially fall into Fall.
    What lessons have been presented to you over the past few weeks? Mine have been around patience and watching how my impatient Gemini tendencies can override my wisdom or better knowing.

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    Earth Mother at Harvest Time

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    Mother IsisThe Earth Mother, pregnant with the God, walks the fields of grain carrying her cornucopia overflowing with the fruits of harvest.  She represents the fullness of nature, robust, healthy, and abundant.  She can indicate a pregnancy or conception, but also growth, development, and matters coming to fruition or potentials in the process of becoming manifested.

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